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Packaging change trends of plastic packaging bottles in various industries


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Lightweight, space-reducing and environmentally friendly plastic packaging bottles have been discussed in the industry for many years, including the troubles and shortages of mold use, but now orders from foreign markets have declined significantly, and many manufacturers have turned to the domestic market. Therefore, domestic The competition in the market is becoming more and more fierce, including changes in consumer behavior. It is difficult for many Chinese companies to survive. Now in the production of plastic bottles, few companies are willing to invest in design, development and production;As for the lightweight we just mentioned, yes, this is certainly good, and it is a great advantage for sustainable development and environmental protection, but it cannot ignore the user experience, just like "Ice Dew", but It looks very low-end, it doesn’t feel good, and it’s not good-looking. This is the user experience. If the user buys it once and finds it uncomfortable to use, then the consumer must buy other products; and the packaging of Coca-Cola is too thick, although It is said that it has a great impact on the environment and is wasteful and heavy to carry. Many people still buy its products; It is not only necessary to do a good job in light weight, but also to make good use of light weight, combine user experience, integrate product advantages, design product packaging, and break through the current bottleneck of light weight development; and this also talks about molds, because every For the production of new packaging products, it is necessary to design a mold and then develop it. This is very time-consuming. A mold is very large, which requires a very rich designer. If we can make a mold, we only need to replace the one inside. The bottle model is fine, and there is no need to replace the whole machine; of course, these are still to be developed, and as a manufacturer, we should change our strategy at any time according to changes in the market, so as to win the company sustainable development;

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